Welcome to Sky & Telescope store, A company with more than 35 years of experience to serve customers all over the world. Before going further we advise you to register first and create an account with us. Also register for our newsletter, give us information about yourself , your profession and etc so that we will be able to get to know you better for our future relation, We are not just a store. Most of our experts are astronomers and astrophysicists in all over the world which their intentions are to draw eyes to skies above.

After you created an account with us, we advise you to browse through our image gallery to see what your friends (our customers) have accomplished in the field of astronomy via our astro-appliances. After that browse through our products, select what you like. You may consult with us before doing that , our expert will offer best product according to your experience and needs in the field. You will receive our newsletter on a monthly basis for best and new offers. There is special discount after first order. Long live science and enjoy the unlimited sky above and Do not forget in case of any question , scientific or technical in regard with our appliances , our experts are here to help 7/24.

Scientific Articles

Study our scientific articles so that you will be able to gaze stars at nights even cloudy nights and so many other scientific informations and many other data to assist you in learning about Space, Time and Quantinium ... 

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Visit our video library to learn how to video with telescopes and many many other valuable experiences...


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Sky & Telescope is a commited company to help you obtain astro-equipment at an affordable price. Study guidlines.Movies:
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Our company has been offering astronomical appliances to astronomers from beginners to professionals since 1978. Our customer's satisfaction is of top priority for us. For in-depth knowledge , visit our center direct. Our agents are ready to assist you 7/24, Long live science. 

Image Gallery

Browse Through our images to observe what you can do with astro-photography equipments we offer to you. After buying from us you are welcome to send us your astro-images so that we will publish your work here and there will be special this count for you in our store after that.

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