Before we explain the ways you can help us to develop our newsletter, a brief explanation of our intention to publish newsletter is necessary. We send newsletter on a monthly basis to those who register with us . To give them information about our new items , its capabilities & prices, Also we mix space & astronomical explorations to spice it up. What you can do for us:

In Contact form tell us about you, your profession & interests in connection with Sky & Telescope . We open a file for each of you, when you buy from us, you will have special discount after the first time. Once you introduce us to others & they come to us, register with us & name their reference , you will again could take advantage of our reference discounts. Also as mentioned before to spice up our newsletter, we always add the newest space & astronomical explorations . Every other 3 months , we arrange examinations on line, 10 questions with 4 options , 10 seconds of time for each. For those who answer those scientific questions correctly, There will be again special prize discount when they buy from us.

Send us space news or your works if your profession is astronomy, The center will study it, once we find it useful, we will publish your article and even it might be chosen as the source of questions for our tests. In that case , you will be selected to profit our scientific discount. Long live science & Skies above!  


Scientific Articles

Study our scientific articles so that you will be able to gaze stars at nights even cloudy nights and so many other scientific informations and many other data to assist you in learning about Space, Time and Quantinium ... 

Video Files

Visit our video library to learn how to video with telescopes and many many other valuable experiences...


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Sky & Telescope is a commited company to help you obtain astro-equipment at an affordable price. Study guidlines.Movies:
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Our company has been offering astronomical appliances to astronomers from beginners to professionals since 1978. Our customer's satisfaction is of top priority for us. For in-depth knowledge , visit our center direct. Our agents are ready to assist you 7/24, Long live science. 

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Browse Through our images to observe what you can do with astro-photography equipments we offer to you. After buying from us you are welcome to send us your astro-images so that we will publish your work here and there will be special this count for you in our store after that.

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